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Propensity offers a simpler, faster, and more cost effective way to run your ABM Campaigns and we are the only ABM provider that lets you try for free!

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Propensity Versus Other ABM Platforms

We source millions of intent signals to accurately identify and connect you with your top in-market accounts. By focusing on in-market accounts, you’ll increase engagement up to 5x, accelerate your sales cycle and achieve up to 20% new opportunity creation.

Propensity vs. RollworksPropensity vs. ZoominfoPropensity vs. DemandbasePropensity vs.6SensePropensity vs.TerminusPropensity vs. UserGems

A Side By Side Comparison

Finally, a simpler ABM strategy that puts your budget and focus exactly where it needs to be.

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Integrated to ad streams
Upload Audience Lists and Target Your Budget
Green Check MarkGreen Check Mark
up to date list segmentation
Green Check Mark
Updated Every 6-9 Months
Green Check Mark
realtime updates synced to your crm
Green Check MarkGreen Check MarkRed X
one click contact enrichment
Green Check MarkRed X Red X
Omnichannel sales and marketing automation
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Elite Only
Add-On Only
Measure and prove roi in 30 days
Green Check MarkRed X Red X
1 hour implementation
Green Check MarkRed X Red X
Automatically sync and match contacts and accounts with past records
Green Check MarkRed X Red X
Aggregate job change signals, title changes, and intent signals
Green Check Mark
Only with Tracker
Red X

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