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ABM made easy for sales and marketing teams. Build your intent-driven audience, select your custom playbook and launch your end-to-end omnichannel campaign in under 2 weeks. Turn ABM into your best-performing growth strategy.


Without Propensity:
Running an omnichannel campaign requires months of manual work and yields unpredictable results.

With Propensity:
Marketing and Sales Teams have found the fastest path to creating an end-to-end omnichannel campaign.  Propensity saves you weeks of work and gives you predictable ROI.

Browse the Playbook Library

Activate proven, ready-to-use sales and marketing plays. Select the ABM playbook that aligns with your growth goals. Save weeks with our AI-powered Playbook Editor and instantly create and design ads, marketing emails, and sales outreach for your next ABM campaign.

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Audience Builder

Spot Growth Opportunities

Connect intent signals back to your audience. Track in-market probability and engagement and enrich contacts across accounts to create relationships on a deeper level.

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Maximize ROI with ABM

Activate up to 5X engagement with an easy-to-use playbook editor, one-click omnichannel ad campaigns, and seamless CRM integration. Build your best omnichannel campaign in under 30 minutes.

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Build a Better Pipeline of In-Market Accounts

Track engagement across all channels, and convert up to 20% of your in-market accounts to qualified opportunities.

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Opportunity Creation
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Why Choose Propensity?


- Build an audience in 5 minutes and launch your campaign in under 2 weeks

- See record time ROI (30-180 days depending on your playbook)

easy to use

- AI-powered ABM Playbook editor

- Integrate with your CRM and/or Marketing Platform

- Support with launching your first ABM campaign


Over 20% higher match rates for accounts and contacts than industry average.

- Maximize results by targeting the right audience


- Scale without committing to recurring monthly fees

- Full control over your ad spend

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Discover Which Playbook Is The Best For You

Outline your ABM campaign goals, marketing budget, competitors, and get matched to a custom ABM playbook aligned to your growth goals.

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