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Automate Data Mining for SDRs and BDRs So They Can Reach Out Better

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Are Your Sales and Marketing Teams Focusing on the Right Accounts and Contacts?

Empower your sales and marketing teams with ABM data to accurately identify and engage with your top buyers. Our propensity models are designed specifically for your business so your team has precise, real-time data at their fingertips.

✅ Align Sales and Marketing

✅ Mine and Aggregate Data into Your CRM

✅ Build Better Pipeline

Align Sales and Marketing with Data

Automate third-party data in your CRM and know exactly when customers are in-market for new products. Then provide prioritized lists for sales and marketing so they can focus their time and budget.

Add Mined Data to Your CRM

Aggregate millions of data sources into your CRM so your growth teams have the most accurate in-market account and contact information at their fingertips.

Better Focus for Sales and Marketing

Propensity finds your most in-market accounts and highlights your best advocate improving engagement and pipeline velocity.

Measure All Aspects of Your Growth Efforts

Prove ROI and team performance with scorecards. Real-time engagement insights help you to know what’s working and what's not.

Problems We Solve

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Generate More Pipeline
Focus your marketing spend where they make the most impact.
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Close More Opportunities
Give your Sales Team focus with dynamic contact prioritization.
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Discover Hidden Upsell Targets
Champion growth by spotting customer intent signals for new products.

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