Identify Expansion Opportunities the Moment a Customer is In-Market

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Are You Missing Upsell/Cross-Sell Opportunities?

Stop losing deals to your competitors when your customers could buy from you! We help uncover which of your current customers are looking for tools and solutions that would be a cross-sell/upsell opportunity for your organization.

✅ Find Hidden Opportunities

✅ Reduce Churn

✅ Flag Recommended Products

Identify Expansion Opportunities with Existing Customers

Automate first and third-party data in your CRM and know exactly when customers are in-market for new products, meaning you’ll be ready to offer the right solution at the right time.

Spot Churn Before it Happens

Provide real-time scoring for every account based on their propensity to buy, keeping Sales and Marketing aligned around the right accounts and reducing churn.

Anticipate Customer Needs

Get granular with your marketing efforts so Sales always has the best timing and knows exactly which accounts to prioritize and how to reach out.

Measure All Aspects of Your Expansion Efforts

Prove ROI with retention and expansion scorecards. Use real-time engagement insights to know what’s working and what's not.

Problems We Solve

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Generate More Pipeline
Focus your marketing spend where they make the most impact.
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Close More Opportunities
Give your Sales Team focus with dynamic contact prioritization.
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Discover Hidden Upsell Targets
Champion growth by spotting customer intent signals for new products.

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