Use ABM to Reach Your Key Contacts
at Your Target Accounts

Contact Based Targeting delivers outreach directly to decision-makers at your target accounts, giving sales and marketing teams better value for their marketing spend and higher conversion rates.

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+3 Billion contacts
in our database

Your ideal customers at your fingertips, target the right people with the right message

Higher Contact Data Accuracy

Simplify prospecting with the right data. Our database has the most accurate social contact data within 30 days.

GDPR compliant
intent data

Identify contacts at accounts that are trending on your most intent data, from trustworthy compliant sources.

Target the Right Buying Circle

When you reach out to the right person with the right message your chances of engagement go up. It's that simple.

✅ Personalize your Messaging with our AI Playbook Editor

✅ Prioritize Outreach Based on Contact Signals

✅ Match Your Messaging To Your Buyer’s Interests

Build Trust with aI generated Personalized Outreach

Select an ABM playbook and instantly create personalized content and design assets that prioritize your growth goals and deliver custom omnichannel campaigns that hit home. 

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Illustration of Propensity using AI to generate personalized outreach and campaigns for growth goals

Reach Your Contacts Across All Major Channels

Build an omnichannel campaign and start reaching your contacts throughout all of the major channels. Implement highly targeted programmatic ads, social ads, marketing and sales emails, LinkedIn outreach, outbound calls, and more.

Illustration of Propensity with an omnichannel campaign to reach contacts across all major channels, including programmatic ads, social ads, marketing and sales emails, LinkedIn outreach, outbound calls, and more. The image highlights the importance of a highly targeted approach to reach the right audience

Integrate With All Your Data

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