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Designed for those new to ABM with access to our Jumpstart Program to ensure success
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Strategic ABM

Designed for those who have run ABM in the past, or those who are ready to ramp up their ABM program
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Propensity Fills the Gap for Easy and Cost-Effective ABM

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With Propensity as Your GTM Strategy You'll Have the Information to Answer:

✅ How many leads do you have to reach to create an opportunity?
✅ Does your messaging prompt action from your target market?
✅ Is your product and positioning differentiated?
✅ Does your CTA drive action and create conversion?
✅ Should you refine your audience to improve targeting efficiency?

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Should I Choose Propensity?

Propensity is the fastest way for B2B marketing and sales teams to launch their most successful ABM campaigns. We provide everything you need to quickly launch ABM campaigns that outperform every other growth initiative for your business. 

How Does Propensity Work?

It all starts with intent data. Propensity partners with Bombora to source millions of GDPR-compliant intent signals from across the web. From there, you choose from our selection of ABM playbooks to create an ABM campaign aligned with your business. Then, you’ll just need to set benchmarks and select a launch date, connect your audience, and launch your ABM campaign! Visit our ABM Playbook Library to see how it works. 

Which Plan is Right for Me?

Propensity offers a campaign-centric pricing model, so you don’t have to commit to recurring monthly fees. Each plan offers its own unique functions and features. Teams who want to try out ABM may see more benefits beginning with our per-campaign option. For more experienced ABM professionals, we offer a campaign bundle billed on a monthly basis for up to five campaigns per year. Teams may also select the unlimited campaigns feature to run numerous ABM campaigns. Explore our different options here.

Do I Need a CRM to Get Started?

A CRM is not required to get started, but we highly recommend you have a CRM in place as Propensity’s features will be built into your CRM directly so that you can make the most of it in your favorite platform. If you do not have a CRM, we recommend software such as Salesforce or Hubspot, and we support other CRM platforms like Zoho.

How Long Does it Take to Implement Propensity?

We’re committed to being your fastest path to revenue growth. That’s why we guarantee set-up and implementation in less than 1 hour. From there, you select your playbook, build your audience in just five minutes, and launch your first end-to-end ABM campaign in under 15 days. 

Can I Use Propensity for Free?

Propensity offers a free Intent Data Sample. This feature takes the data you provide and converts it into a list of your top 100 in-market accounts and up to 100 contacts at those accounts. You can use the intent data explorer to help your growth team excel in sales, marketing and more. Read more Here.

Is There a Limit to How Many ABM Campaigns I Can Create?

Depending on the tier you select, you can run 1 campaign to get your bearings, up to 5 per year, or you can run an unlimited number of ABM campaigns. It all depends on your needs. Each tier allows you to customize the information you pull for your accounts in your CRM so you can provide useful and up-to-date information to your growth team every time.

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