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Are You Wasting Budget On Bad Pipeline?

Generic target account lists pull in poor quality accounts. Lucky for you, our In-Market account list are all but generic!

✅ See Your 5% of In-Market Buyers

✅ Deliver the Right Message at the Right Time

✅ 7x Opportunity Creation

ABM Made Simple for Marketing

Save time and get to revenue faster with ABM. Leverage Propensity’s AI playbook editor to create personalized omnichannel campaigns in under 30 minutes. Then launch a complete ABM campaign in just two weeks.

Track Intent Data and Never Miss an Opportunity

Aggregate GDPR-compliant first and third-party data, and automatically integrate it into your CRM. Clearly identify in-market accounts right away.

Build Pipeline that Converts

Provide real-time scoring for every account based on their propensity to buy and keep Sales and Marketing aligned around the right accounts.

Deliver the Right Message at the Right Time

Get granular with your marketing efforts so Sales always has the best timing, knowing exactly which accounts to prioritize and how to reach out.

Focus Your Marketing Spend

Remove the guesswork from your campaign audiences and focus on in-market accounts that are most likely to convert.

Measure All Aspects of Your ABM Program

Prove ROI when your business runs off scorecards. Move away from just measuring revenue and quantity of leads, use real-time engagement insights to know what’s working and what's not.

Problems We Solve

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Generate More Pipeline
Focus your marketing spend where they make the most impact.
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Close More Opportunities
Give your Sales Team focus with dynamic contact prioritization.
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Discover Hidden Upsell Targets
Champion growth by spotting customer intent signals for new products.

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