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Don't wait around for the form fill! We uncover hidden intent signals in your buyer's journey to help Sales reach out at the right time increasing engagement, conversions and revenue.

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Why Choose Propensity

Propensity offers exclusive data for our customers making us the most accurate intent data provider on the market. We strive to help you make ABM your best-performing growth strategy. Whether you’re a small business or searching for new ways to power your team, full-scale ABM campaigns are now in reach.

🔵 Weekly new in-market accounts

🔵 Up to 5x Engagement

🔵 Up to 20% Opportunity Creation

🔵 1 hour implementation

What We Do

Propensity uncovers the 5% of your target accounts that are in-market right now. We integrate over 20 million data points each week to discover qualified accounts with up to 5x engagement.  With that list, you can boost outbound sales efforts, accurately target best-fit accounts, handoff qualified opportunities to sales, and close more pipeline by connecting with buyers actively looking for your solution.

signals along the buyer's journey
Step 1

Identify Your 5% of In-Market Accounts

Automatically create and update in-market account data into your CRM on a daily basis.

in-market data sync with Salesforce CRM
Marketing warm-up data
Step 2

Market to In-Market Accounts

Launch paid media ad campaigns and track ads and engagement across each account to know when in-market accounts are qualified.

Step 3

Run Outreach at 5x Engagement

Handoff warmed up, qualified accounts (MQAs) to Sales and expect 3-7X engagement increase and up to 20% opportunity creation.

enrich contact sync with Salesforce CRM
data attribution along the buyers journey
Step 4

Measure Success at 20% Opportunity Creation

Track your results showing up to 20% of in-market accounts created as new opportunities with alignment between sales and marketing.

Step 5

Optimize Your Signals

Understand which signals tied back to revenue and adjust your in-market account list for even better conversion and pipeline velocity.

enrich contact sync with Salesforce CRM

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