We Find Hidden Revenue Signals for Your Business

Just because they didn't fill out a form doesn't mean they're not interested. We find hidden intent signals in your buyer's journey to help Sales jump in at the right time increasing engagement, conversions, and revenue.

Get your top 100 accounts
Hidden Signals in a MQL workflow

Handoff Qualified Pipeline to Sales Without Waiting for a Form Fill

We find hidden buyer intent signals from the moment someone is interested in your product or solution and throughout all your marketing efforts so that Sales can engage with buyer's before you loose them in the buyer's journey.

How We are Different

Propensity offers exclusive data for our customers making us the most accurate intent data provider on the market. We not only update the accounts that are in your CRM on a daily basis, but also find new in-market accounts that have not already been discovered.

🔵 Find and add new in-market accounts that are not already in your CRM

🔵 Daily data updates automatically into your CRM

🔵 The only provider of Marketing Qualified Account Handoffs

🔵 1 hour implementation time

🔵 We don’t make money on an ad network

What We Do

Propensity helps you find your 5% of in-market accounts with a uniquely designed data model. We integrate all your intent data to generate qualified accounts with a 5x engagement rate. Boost your outbound sales efforts, target your best-fit accounts, handoff better opportunities to sales, and close more pipeline when you reach out to buyers who are actively looking for your product or solution.

signals along the buyer's journey

In-Market Account Data Automation

Automatically create and update in-market account data into your CRM system on a daily basis

in-market data sync with Salesforce CRM
Marketing warm-up data

Marketing Qualified Account Handoffs

Track every ad and engagement point across each account to know when each account is qualified so that you can pass it off to Sales with a 7x engagement rate

Contact Data Automation

Automatically create and update your buying circle data into your CRM in real-time

enrich contact sync with Salesforce CRM
data attribution along the buyers journey

Attribution Engine

See how your intent signals influence the performance of your pipeline

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