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Power Your Client's Growth Engine with Account-Based Marketing (ABM)

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ABM: A Win Win Strategy for Both You and Your Clients

Create new revenue streams through the life-cycle of your client's ABM campaigns.

✅ Drive engagement and qualified leads
✅ Use intent data and segmentation to identify highly-targeted audiences likely to convert
✅ Easily create content, creatives, and messaging for each campaign
✅ Make money from marketing services!

Grow Your Revenue

Receive exclusive rights to resell Propensity as a vetted partner and gain a new source of recurring revenue with marketing services.

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Bring Enterprise Growth Strategies to Your Small
and Mid-Sized Clients

Transition your clients from tradition lead generation to ABM without breaking the bank and the added complexity of other platforms. Create segmented audiences, build, and prep campaigns and pay only when you are ready to launch.

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Dedicated Support and Resources to Ensure ABM Success

A dedicated partner and customer success manager will ensure a smooth experience with Propensity for you and your clients. Access our knowledge center and the resources you need to achieve your goals.

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