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Do you know which accounts are most likely
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Get in front of the right audience with the right signals. Shine a light on intent signals your customers flash through each stage, so you reach them at crucial moments for your marketing warmups and sales touch points.

A chart showing the different types of accounts that are most likely to purchase a product.

Target your in-market accounts across each ABM campaign

Use your in-market account lists to launch highly targeted omnichannel campaigns that convert. Run ABM campaigns to make your intent data actionable and get up to 5X engagement and 20% new opportunity creation.

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Illustration of Propensity tool that launches a highly targeted omnichannel campaign using in-market account lists. The image shows how the campaign leverages intent data to drive engagement and create new business opportunities, with a potential for up to 5 times more engagement and 20% increase in new opportunity creation

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