The B2B Outbound Process That Works

We help Marketers increase outbound sales conversions by providing unique data points that can 7X engagement.

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Leverage Intent and
Engagement Data
You Can’t Get Anywhere Else

Access unique data points and go from cold calling to high-intent qualified accounts and contacts. Propensity intent data allows you to see the following data points and more.

✅ Contact Data with Job Changes
✅ Intent Data Research Topics
✅ See Who is Clicking on Your Ads
✅ View Website Visitors
✅ See Who is Engaging with Your Content
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Increase Positive Responses from Your Outbound Sales Efforts

Give your sales team visibility on who is clicking on your ads, visiting your website, and engaging with your content. Gain a competitive edge by reaching out to high-intent leads, who already know about your brand and are most likely to respond.

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Image of propensity product for increased engagement
propensity's lead warmth dashboard

Warm Up Your Leads
Before You Engage

Introduce your high-intent accounts and website visitors to your brand. Launch omnichannel marketing campaigns across various paid media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Programmatic ads, and cold email. As you actively market, track engagement at the account and contact level to determine when accounts are qualified and ready for sales outreach.

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Automate Your Sales Prospecting and
Increase Conversion

Build sequences, hyper-personalize emails, make quality cold calls and connect on LinkedIn to fill your pipeline with qualified opportunities. Make it easy for your sales team to work on your ABM campaign leads. Expect up to 5x engagement rates and make every day more productive for your sales team.

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abm and sales prospecting funnel
Contact list for buyer list building

Connect Marketing-Qualified Leads to Your CRM

Close the loop and drive engagement and more deals with your best-fit audience. Daily sync your MQLs from Propensity into your CRM, and pass your leads to your sales automation tool of preference so your sales team can take action. We integrate with Salesforce and Hubspot.

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How The Process Works

ABM funnel

List Building

Combine your website visitors and intent data (3rd and 1st party data) to create high quality lists of accounts and contacts.

Omnichannel Marketing

Advertise to the contacts who are most likely to engage across multiple channels like social ads, programmatic ads, email, direct mail, and more.

Sales Automation

Take the list of warm contacts (MQLs) and run them through your sales automation platform to create engaged leads.

Sales Qualification

Handoff a high-quality list of engaged leads for your sales team to work.

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Sales Rep POV-

" This is the best sales prospecting tool I've ever used"

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Does Propensity Work?

We make it easy to use intent data to create lists of in-market accounts and contacts, warm those contacts up with omnichannel ABM campaigns, and hand off a daily list of highly engaged contacts to sales. The result is an automated, always-on, ABM engine that produces a flow of MQAs and 5X sales engagement compared with traditional B2B growth tactics.

How Do You Integrate with Sales Automation Tools?

With Propensity, you can close the loop and drive engagement and more deals with your best-fit audience. You can sync your MQLs from Propensity into your sales automation tool of preference daily so your sales team can take action. We integrate with, Salesloft, and LinkedIn Navigator, amongst others.

Can Propensity Track Website Visitors?

Yes! Propensity offers the ABM Connected Website. Using this feature, you can connect your website in order to gain visibility into which accounts in your ICP are actively visiting your website, and what pages they’re looking at. You can learn more about the ABM Connected Website here.

How long Does it take to implement propensity?

To fully implement Propensity, we guarantee set-up and implementation in less than 1 hour.

is there a limit to propensity's intent data usage?

No, there is no limit on the amount of intent data information for the Self Service or Full-Service plans. You can also customize the information you pull for your accounts in your CRM so you can provide useful and up-to-date information to your growth team every time.

How do i get help if i get stuck?

A lot of our clients may be completely new to ABM and will likely have a lot of questions about best practices or tips and tricks for how to build out their campaigns. To make the process easier, we’ve begun to build a library of ABM best practices and strategy insights that can be accessed online. Once you’ve signed up for a Propenity account, you’ll also have access to a 24/7 ABM specialist who can chat with you online at any time to answer all of your ABM-related queries.

i'm a marketing agency, can i use propensity to service my clients?

Yes! You can use Propensity as your underlying technology for your ABM practice. Transition your clients from lead generation to ABM without breaking the bank or dealing with the added complexity that comes with other platforms. Create audiences, build and prep campaigns, and pay only when you are ready to launch.