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The Role of Social Media Outreach in ABM

Your ABM strategy relies heavily on specific touchpoints for success. ABM campaigns reach highly targeted audiences and social media outreach can help develop trust, and build relationships, by delivering messaging that resonates with your target audience.

But how can social media help you streamline your ABM strategies? What best practices can you put in place to drive greater results?

Focus less on selling, and more on building relationships

Social media provides transparency into your prospects' passions, ideas, and even sentiments about your own products and services. When we’re able to validate those passions and become an advocate for our prospects, social media allows you to form long-term business associations that eventually lead to long-term engagement with your target audience.

Let's take one scenario: You find Joe, a contact from one of your ABM campaigns, on LinkedIn. You send them a connection request, and immediately leave a message with your sales pitch. Do you think Joe will engage with you? I highly doubt it.

Now, let’s take another scenario: You find the same contact on the same platform, you send them a connection request, and you keep interacting with their content. You engage them in thoughtful conversations, offer them free resources, and even be a party to their network.

Do you think this time they’ll do business with you? Absolutely. Why? Because you provided value, stayed in front of their eyes, and were genuinely interested in them.

It’s never too late to start with personalized interactions

Let's review some best practices you can put in place:

Connect with prospects - but don’t just connect… 

  • With your connection requests, leave a message that shows you truly value your prospect’s perspective.
  • If there are interests or hobbies outside of work you’ve been able to share, those can be great points that add a human element to your connection request.

Don’t be bashful - be open to making connections with contacts that might not fit your ICP

  • Connect with contacts that you have meetings with, even if they’re not the best fit for your product at the time.
  • If a potential prospect views your profile, send a connection request!
  • For prospects that don’t immediately accept your connection request, consider still following them and engaging with their content. Don’t underestimate the shared value that can be gleaned from thoughtful dialogue.

Build awareness of your personal and corporate brand by engaging with content

  • When accepting a connection request, emphasize any willingness to be a go-to resource for industry knowledge and/or solutions your organization offers.
  • With existing connections, engage with posted content - offering dialogue or responding with relevant blog articles.
  • Congratulate connections moving into new roles, tagging them in a message.
  • Re-post quality content that aligns with your brand, tagging + thanking the content creators.

Transform Your ABM through Social Media Strategy

Be top of mind for your prospects by providing value with thoughtful engagement. Create a basis for trust and transform those prospects into long-term partnerships.

Interested in learning more about social media and ABM? Connect with one of our ABM Specialists to learn more about improving sales engagement rates.