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Go to Market Faster: How ABM Helps Fractional Leaders

Fractional leaders are fast becoming essential additions to teams across the B2B space. These executives alleviate challenges for small and midsized businesses (SMBs) and startups by meeting companies where they’re at in terms of budget and scale.

Although these leaders operate in a different capacity than the traditional C-suite, they come prepared with decades of experience, ready to help companies quickly and efficiently realize their growth goals.

However, fractional leaders who grow SMBs still need high-quality solutions to attain goals such as maximizing growth and increasing revenue and delivering results fast. 

That’s where account-based marketing (ABM) comes in. 

ABM helps fractional leaders prioritize growth to go to market faster. 

How does ABM help fractional leaders? 

One of the most important tasks fractional leaders do is create growth programs. ABM adds value to these programs because it focuses on quality rather than quantity. Unlike traditional GTM approaches, ABM relies on concepts such as personalization and customer experience to strengthen relationships with current and prospective customers. This can sound time-consuming — and time is the opposite of what a fractional leader has to work with. 

ABM automation tools also help fractional leaders by increasing efficiency and speed to market. These new tools target customers with messaging that addresses customer pain points and delivers the right solution. ABM automation complements growth strategies by unleashing an easier way for fractional leaders to quickly deliver on their own goals while scaling the company. 

For example, Propensity’s automation tools help with ABM campaign creation. The idea is that sales and marketing leaders can select ABM plays that align with their go-to-market strategy, create an omnichannel program in under 30 minutes and launch a fully personalized campaign that connects to each audience’s unique needs.

Done right, ABM ushers in sustainable growth

Right now, companies need to make the most of the growth resources they have. With ABM, fractional leaders have access to a complete, cost-effective solution that’s hyper-focused on the customer’s needs, setting them up to create stronger relationships. In return, they can implement a sustainable B2B growth foundation to help the companies they work with go to market faster and generate results in record time. 

For example, Propensity offers a full suite of ABM automation solutions to help fractional leaders execute efficient go-to-market strategies, building end-to-end omnichannel campaigns in under 30 minutes. Each ABM campaign is personalized by industry, competitors, and other relevant details captured from intent signals. 

Here’s how to go to market faster as a fractional leader with ABM

If you’re interested in taking advantage of ABM for your go-to-market strategy, the process is fairly straightforward. 

  1. Select an ABM playbook

Kick off your growth strategy with an ABM playbook that goes to market with an end-to-end omnichannel campaign that focuses your budget on the right audience so you build better relationships with the right people. Once you’ve chosen an ABM playbook, you’ll be able to automatically generate sales and marketing content relevant to each play you run. This includes everything from advertising to sales outreach and marketing emails. 

  1. Build your audience

When it comes time to build your audience, ensure you’re doing it with GDPR-compliant intent data. This way, you’re staying compliant and able to expand your audience wherever you need it. Fill your audience with in-market accounts that signal relevant interest in your solution to get the most accurate picture of who is really ready to buy. 

  1. Enrich the buying circle

Once you have your accounts, draw up your buying circle to identify which contacts are closest aligned to your ICP. Having this level of detail makes it easier to get back to implementing high-impact business initiatives that scale.

  1. Activate your omnichannel ABM campaign

Once you have chosen your playbook, built out your audience, and selected the right contacts to target, it’s time to activate your omnichannel campaign. With ABM automation tools, you can launch your ABM campaign in under two weeks and start targeting contacts across social ads, programmatic display ads, marketing emails, and sales touches.


Fractional leaders create dynamic growth programs to help companies scale. When ABM is added to the mix, these leaders can go to market and accomplish their goals faster. But it has to be done well. Propensity can support you in each step of the ABM process so you can reap the benefits ABM has to offer. See how we can support you in your ABM journey and readily go to market with B2B businesses with a free trial