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Propensity at Work: How Weidert Group Used ABM Campaigns to Boost Growth and Improve Their Buyer's Journey

In the dynamic world of B2B marketing, staying ahead of the competition requires constant innovation and strategic thinking. Weidert Group, a Wisconsin-based B2B inbound marketing agency specializing in industrial manufacturing, recognized the need to evolve beyond traditional tactics and embrace a more targeted approach. That's when they discovered the power of Account-Based Marketing (ABM) and the game-changing capabilities of Propensity's end-to-end ABM automation platform.

The Customer: Weidert Group

Weidert Group's journey began during the recession in 2008-2009 when they transformed from a traditional agency into a campaign powerhouse. Their adoption of HubSpot's platform and inbound marketing methodology fueled their impressive growth, enabling them to expand their team from six to 40 professionals. Their niche of industrial manufacturing proved to be a winning strategy at the time, but as competition grew, they needed to explore new campaign tactics to maintain their edge.

Recognizing the potential of ABM as a marketing agency tool, Weidert Group dabbled with smaller campaigns. However, they needed a scalable solution aligned with their client's budget. Propensity stepped in as an ABM solution that could offer solutions tailored to meet Weidert’s (and their clients) often complex needs.

The Challenge: Easing Manufacturing Clients Into ABM

The manufacturing industry often relies on word of mouth and exceptional customer service. However, many of Weidert's clients had to elevate marketing efforts to drive growth. Weidert wasn't new to digital marketing. In fact, they were big fans of HubSpot's methodologies. They just didn't yet have the full end-to-end capabilities needed to help organizations build the necessary tools to nurture potential customers to conversion. Instead, they relied on disparate approaches, including using different ad platforms like LinkedIn and Facebook Ads to target clients.

Weidert Group understood they had to get more strategic to compete and scale. They recognized the potential of ABM as a more nuanced, centralized approach to targeting specific accounts. The company also wanted to harness intent data in order to provide more tailored messaging to boost engagement.

However, ABM platforms were often costly and didn't align with their budget or needs. Weidert Group was seeking a tool that would allow them to build larger, more targeted audiences and leverage intent data to identify in-market accounts. Propensity's Audience Builder and Intent Data Signals offered the ideal solution, providing the right balance of power and flexibility without breaking the bank.

Embracing ABM With Propensity

There's a lot of other agencies out there that would appreciate Propensity’s flexible model. The offering was what we were looking for. It also works really well for us long term, as we grow we can eventually scale and subscribe to more offerings.

Propensity (the only ABM platform built to fuel small B2B growth teams) was precisely what the Weidert Group was looking for! With streamlined processes for creating audiences of in-market accounts, Weidert Group now had the roadmap they needed to help sales and marketing teams build powerful relationships with potential clients.

It also offered them exactly what they needed at a reasonable price point. With Propensity, Weidert didn’t need to pay for tools they weren’t going to use, and its flexible approach to ABM meant clients like Weidert had no commitment to recurring monthly fees and complete control over ad spend.

Weidert Group’s Approach: ABM and Constant Nurturing with Propensity

Prior to Propensity, Weidert Group embraced an ABM light approach to address their client's unique needs. This light approach involved running targeted ad campaigns on platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, and Google while focusing on a primary conversion point to engage prospects.

By providing robust intent data, Propensity's Audience Builder was pivotal in expanding audiences with look-alike companies, ensuring highly targeted messaging reached the right people. Propensity provided Weidert with:

  • CRM-integrated up-to-date intent data (with 20 million new signals weekly)
  • A database of 18 million companies (to expand their best-fit audience)
  • Global reach via GDPR-compliant intent data

Leveraging Propensity's in-market account lists, Weidert Group could quickly launch highly targeted omnichannel campaigns to target customers at precisely the right moment in their buyer's journey.

Onboarding and Ongoing Collaboration for Enduring Success

"The demo call gave us a great rundown of the product and, how to get into it, how to start leveraging it. That gave us confidence that Propensity is the partner we've been looking for."

Implementing a new growth initiative can often be daunting, but with Propensity, Weidert Group found a partner that made the process smooth and efficient. Once signed on, their team was up and running within a day, thanks to Propensity's intuitive platform and personalized support.

Propensity doesn’t disappear after onboarding, either. Throughout the process, Weidert was able to leverage innovative Propensity features, including:

  • weekly meetings with Propensity’s customer success manager
  • regular product releases
  • best practices documentation

The Results: Measuring Propensity’s Success

"We had an excellent foundational period where we got in a room with their sales and marketing teams. We facilitated conversation and asked: "Who are we really trying to target? How do these personas think? What are the sticking points in the sales process?" That helped us understand competition, so we put a lot on the front end with strategy."

The success of any growth initiative lies in the results it delivers. A streamlined approach using Propensity allows Weidert to run and optimize ABM campaigns in order to provide clients with carefully targeted market-qualified leads (MQLs) and achieve maximum impact (5X more engagement). By aligning marketing and sales and providing insights into personas, companies can nurture prospects through the buyer's journey effectively. The end result: sales teams receive the hottest leads and land higher conversion rates.

Beyond the initial implementation, Propensity's impact on sales continues to drive growth. With the addition of intent data, Weidert Group's campaigns became even more targeted, and engagement rates soared. The flexibility of Propensity's platform allowed Weidert Group to continually refine and optimize their ABM campaigns, unlocking new possibilities for growth.

The secret? Focusing on strategy. To ensure messaging was clear and the cadence was optimized, Weidert prioritized alignment between an organization's sales and marketing teams.

Final Thoughts

In a world where campaign strategies are constantly evolving, Weidert Group's success story with Propensity stands as a testament to the power of ABM. By embracing a targeted ABM approach and leveraging Propensity's innovative platform, they successfully navigated the challenges of the manufacturing industry and achieved remarkable results.

Weidert's success showcases the strength of ABM. However, some B2B ABM platforms come with higher price tags (that can turn off small but growing B2B organizations like Weidert Group). Unlike our competitors, Propensity offers an all-encompassing subscription that allows organizations like Weidert to white-label our ABM and launch multiple ABM campaigns for their clients. Interested in how Propensity can work for you? Connect with one of our ABM Specialists here.