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Top Criteria for Choosing an ABM Platform as a Small Team

If you're part of a small B2B team and want to understand which ABM platform is the right one for you - keep reading! We understand that, as a smaller team, you'll need results fast and likely have less wiggle room in your marketing budget for complex systems or long training periods. Chances are you need an ABM platform that can get you up to speed immediately. That way, you can start building your pipeline of MQLs for your sales team - and show management tangible results fast.

We'll break down the top criteria small teams should consider when selecting an ABM solution and highlight how Propensity is the right solution to help you meet the moment on your marketing journey. 

The Top 7 Elements of ABM Small Teams Should Consider

Many marketers understand the benefits of ABM but feel it may be too complex for their small team to consider at the moment. The truth is, the sooner you start with ABM, the sooner you can supercharge your sales! If you’ve decided that now is the time to introduce ABM to your team, and you’re working with limited resources, there’s much to consider. 

Here are the seven essential elements you need to contemplate as you shop for that perfect ABM platform:

1. Ease of Use

ABM platforms must be easy to use to gain team buy-in and ensure technology is leveraged to its full potential. A user-friendly interface is crucial for smooth operations. Propensity offers an intuitive platform designed to make ABM adoption and any learning curve a breeze. With such quick adoption, marketing teams can jump right into building their first campaign!

While the interface is intuitive, Propensity has also worked hard to demystify how ABM campaigns operate. The proprietary (AI-driven) Playbook Generator helps teams generate everything they need to launch their ABM campaign, from ads to email copy. Teams can automate or customize their creative assets and adjust their cadence as little or as much as they prefer while maintaining messaging continuity. 

2. Budget-Friendly

A small team's most significant challenge is working within constrained budgets. Traditional ABM approaches can be costly (often $30K to $40K+ a month!), making it challenging for small businesses to leverage ABM without straining their budgets.

Propensity understands the unique needs of small teams and addresses them with budget-friendly solutions. That's why our ABM platform Go to Market bundle starts at just $2500/month, offers unlimited intent data, and doesn't require an annual commitment.

3. Product Features

The success of ABM campaigns relies heavily on the features an ABM platform provides. Small teams must consider factors like: 

  • Targeting precision
  • Data quality
  • Sales and marketing orchestration
  • Full-funnel analytics

These features are essential for executing successful ABM campaigns. Propensity’s platform is comprehensive, offering features that include:

  • GDPR-compliant intent data
  • Audience creation
  • Library of ABM playbooks
  • Omnichannel campaign execution
  • Lead Manager distribution tool
  • Full funnel analytics
  • Best practices documentation

4. Time to Value

Time is of the essence, especially for small teams with tight budgets. Waiting for weeks or months to see results is not an option. Propensity ensures that small teams achieve results from the start with an ABM-Connected website. 

An ABM-connected website allows you to identify companies that are visiting your website and interested in what you sell. We match these accounts to intent data and your ICP profile and hand off daily a list of high-value accounts and contacts ready for outreach.

5. Fast Implementation

Bigger organizations have the luxury of moving slowly. As a small company, however, you need to act fast! Implementing new technology can't take weeks or months - that's just eating up valuable resources and time that most can't afford. Growth leaders feel pressure to show management they can deliver results - fast. Therefore, extensive training and slow onboarding are not an option.

Propensity understands this urgency and offers a one-hour onboarding process that efficiently gets teams up to speed. The onboarding process includes setting expectations, a checklist for getting started, and guidance on monitoring your ABM campaigns' success. This streamlined onboarding ensures small teams can start their ABM journey and drive value from day one.

6. Support

For small teams who likely will have a lot of questions at the outset of their ABM journey, accessing customer support is invaluable. ABM strategy can be complex, so having that knowledgeable, guiding hand can make all the difference - especially in the early days as marketing begins to experiment with new campaigns. 

This is where Propensity truly shines! ABM Experts are there to guide and assist small teams in their ABM journey. They offer best practices, share insights, and provide valuable advice on leveraging and customizing ABM playbooks.

7. Integration to CRM

You likely have an existing CRM to help track customers and leads. However, introducing an ABM platform incompatible with your existing CRM would introduce complexity, double up on your work, and duplicate your data. Small teams have no time for that! 

Integrating with existing Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platforms is crucial for companies to reap an ABM campaign's full potential. Propensity seamlessly integrates with popular CRMs such as Hubspot and Salesforce so you can easily align in-market accounts with key contacts in your CRM to ensure your sales is engaging with the right people.

Before you go…

Choosing the right ABM platform is critical for small and mid-sized teams. The top criteria for selection include ease of use, dedicated support, fast implementation, CRM integration, budget-friendliness, robust product features, and rapid time-to-value.

As the only ABM platform built specifically for small B2B teams, Propensity is committed to nurturing your company’s growth, and we’re here with the tools and expertise to show you just how powerful ABM can be. Curious to learn more about our offering? Book your demo or start your free trial today.