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Comparing Propensity Vs ZoomInfo for ABM

Are you currently using ZoomInfo, but finding the process around the contact data is constantly out of date and you’re not getting the ROI you wanted? Or maybe you used their intent data feature, but it’s not helping you activate your next B2B growth phase?

Thankfully, you have options. If you use ZoomInfo for your homegrown ABM strategy, you may find it expensive and oftentimes inaccurate. 

Propensity can help you take it to the next level. Because we’re more than just a B2B database — we’re an ABM provider. Propensity activates a B2B-ABM strategy in less than one hour, which brings you highly accurate intent data so you can start actioning on accounts that will help you start seeing results in a matter of weeks.

What is Propensity? 

Propensity is more than just data. It’s a process. The process starts by aggregating millions of records of intent data across dozens of sources. This way, B2B growth teams can identify top in-market accounts for your business, enabling list building that uses the most up-to-date information available. 

We combine all of that info into your CRM to create qualified accounts that boost engagement for sales and align growth teams around a common thread to optimize future campaigns and increase opportunities down the line. This way, growth teams can create targeted ABM campaigns to build relationships and scale the business.

Unlike ZoomInfo, Propensity activates a process known as Always-On ABM. The five-step process quickly and accurately identifies the business’s in-market accounts, performs targeted marketing campaigns, and hands off accounts to sales for outreach.

Once sales are connected, sales teams can perform a 2-4 week cadence to see increased engagement and measure those results. With a cleaner approach, growth teams can visualize how to best optimize campaigns for new in-market accounts, clearing the way for a better pipeline and a faster path to revenue led by ABM. 

How Propensity and ZoomInfo Differ?

While Propensity and ZoomInfo share some commonalities, there are key ways we differ in our ability to help your team achieve a faster path to your growth goals and more predictable revenue. 

Updated In Real-Time, All the Time

For instance, Propensity is fast. Like, really fast, offering real-time data integration in your CRM where ZoomInfo takes months to update. We automatically match contacts and accounts with past records, so you don’t need to spend a ton of time searching for them — or doing the research all over again. 

Instead, we offer features such as automatic, one-click contact enrichment. Using a tool like Sales Navigator, we extract contacts from created lists so they’re as fresh as the info you’d find on LinkedIn, and then match them with the correct intent signals to spot which accounts are actively in-market so we can help you prioritize outreach.

We don’t just give you data. We help you make it actionable. 

Since we’re not just a B2B data provider, we give you the full picture. ZoomInfo hands you the data, but we help you make it actionable. Propensity’s system activates your data in-market, so you can see the results in real-time, driving the behaviors and measuring the results cohesively.

With ZoomInfo, this leaves you at step one of the process, but with Propensity, you’ll see it through end-to-end, targeting best-fit accounts at the right time, with a solution that meets their needs. 

GDPR Compliant

Propensity is GDPR-compliant and consent-driven. Each of our intent signals is sourced using a cooperative approach, and they’re consent-first, meaning every piece of data being integrated into our system was sourced with the user’s knowledge and approval. Our data is always changing, so you have the most up-to-date information out there. Companies like ZoomInfo take months to update due to size and scope. 

Match Your Buying Circle With Your In-Market Accounts From the Account Level 

We strive to add a degree of relevance to everything you do, and it starts at the account level. Ensure your entire buying circle is up-to-date and synced at all times across every one of your target accounts. 

We do this in three simple steps:

  1. Identify your in-market accounts
  2. Enrich each account with contacts in your buying circle
  3. Begin marketing & sales outreach

This allows you to trace your buying circle back to numerous signals, varying from recent job changes and promotions to education history to certifications and group membership. Now, you’ll be able to find the right person at the right time.

Because you’re not just reaching accounts. You’re building relationships with the people who work there, approaching them with the messaging that they care about. 

Laser-Focused on the Accounts Looking for You

Would you want someone to prospect you without knowing anything about your role or the company you work for — meaning you’re receiving a message that’s irrelevant to you?

Of course not.  

That’s why we create a high propensity list of your in-market accounts. This way, when you reach out to in-market accounts, you’re approaching them with succinct messaging that’s personalized to what they do and where they stand. And your top 100 accounts are on the house so you can get to measuring and proving ROI in just a few weeks. 

We don’t see Propensity as simply an alternative. We see it as a chance to uplift our customers across the journey in ABM from start to finish. - Sumner, CEO Propensity.

Level Up With a Touch of Propensity

Whether you’re looking for an alternative to ZoomInfo or something to achieve your growth goals, Propensity can help you get there. Get into the Propensity flow with our 5-minute in-market assessment to grab your top 100 accounts, then let’s help you soar with a better pipeline and even better results.