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Top 100 In-Market Accounts List for Sales

Searching for a new way to help your sales team smash its growth targets and achieve your sales quota faster? The top 100 in-market accounts list might be exactly what you need. 

If you’re reading this, you may know that it starts with the in-market account assessment. After taking the assessment, you’ll receive a weekly list of your top 100 highest propensity customers who are looking for a product like yours, right now. 

We created a guide on how to navigate the top 100 in-market accounts list for marketing teams, but now we want to help sales teams learn how to best use the list too. 

In an ideal world, your ABM playbook should look like this-  we call it the ABM Pipeline:

  1. Identify in-market accounts - you got these with the assessment!
  2. Market to in-market accounts
  3. Outreach to Marketing Qualified Accounts MQAs
  4. Measure success

Market to In-Market Accounts

Share the in-market account list with marketing, and expose these accounts to your message before your initial sales touch. So that each contact has an idea of what your company offers as a solution for their needs. It also gives contacts a journey to link back to. 

Your marketing team will use the list to warm accounts, and you can collaborate with them to ensure your strategy and messaging are cohesive, boosting your likelihood of success when you make those initial sales touches. 

Cold Outreach? No Problem.

The in-market accounts list makes cold outreach as simple as reaching out to an old friend, helping BDRs and AEs know precisely who to get in touch with. With the list right in front of you, you’ll have a much better chance of reaching the right person within the buying cycle with the right information. The research is done for you in the in-market accounts list, so you’ll have key details to cut down on admin work and focus more time on closing accounts most likely to convert.

A Backstage Pass to Your Targets’ Interests

The in-market account list clues you into which topics are of interest to your target accounts. This can provide a laser-focused approach to help sales reps ensure the right person is reached. Then, sales collateral can more effectively appeal to various customers based on their given needs and interests, so you can facilitate discussions pertinent to those given topics. This way, your sales outreach will be targeted, positioning the team for an increase of 3 to 5x engagement.

A Personal Touch

Moreover, the in-market accounts list helps you learn how to better customize your outreach. You’ll know the person behind the call because the in-market accounts list populates accounts with the right contacts. This way, you’ll be able to personalize messaging accordingly so when you reach out you’ll be able to come prepared with the right details to discuss. 

Pro tip — Don’t make it creepy 

The in-market accounts list offers you an opportunity to build a natural relationship with a new connection. You can add them on LinkedIn, engage with content they post and genuinely demonstrate that you care about this relationship far more than a typical cold call. 

When you’re in B2B sales, it’s all about proving what you can do. The in-market account list heightens your lead quality, saving your time to focus on personalizing messaging to sought-after prospects.

Measure Success: It’s All About Proving ROI

Now that you have the inside scoop, it’s time to test the in-market account list to see if it can help you achieve your desired sales metrics. This is where sales engagement comes into play, with up to 20% of in-market accounts created as new opportunities. 

Start by answering the following questions: Are you making connections with the right accounts? Are you reducing the amount of time between closing a sale? Use this chance to measure the length of your sales cycles to ensure the in-market accounts list is helping your efforts. 

If you are proving ROI, what are some other ways you can bolster your sales strategy to keep growing?

How Else Can Propensity Help?

There are multiple ways Propensity can help your sales team excel. Here are just a few of our other features you can take advantage of. 

  • Highlight new revenue opportunities with propensity models.
  • Automate processes with a fully integrated CRM.
  • Add intent signals sourced from intent providers like Bombora.
  • Incorporate unique signals like job changes, cluing you into new company contact info, promotions and title changes.


The in-market account list can help your sales team generate results, but only if it’s deployed properly.

Take the free assessment, and in just five minutes you’ll receive your very own top 100 in-market accounts list. Then, you can start taking action to prove ROI and hit your growth targets. And don’t worry if you can’t get started right away. We’ll send you an updated top 100 in-markets accounts list each week for the first 60 days.