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How to Use Your Top In-Market Account List for Marketing

Imagine you know who your potential customers are. Now, imagine you’re able to know precisely when they’re looking for a specific product that you offer. 

Sounds cool, right? 

This is within reach, and it starts with a personalized in-market account list. When you take our in-market account assessment, you’ll receive a list of your highest propensity customers who are looking for a product like yours right now. 

If you’re a marketer, you may be wondering, OK great. I took the assessment. I have the list. But how do I use it? Allow us to show you how to make the most of your top 100 in-market account list and impact your marketing efforts. 

You’ve shortened your sales cycle by creating a ready-to-go in-market accounts list. Now, with your marketing team, it’s time to launch your high-touch ABM campaign. Here are some things you can do to get started.

1. Create an In-Market Contact List

Once you have the in-market account list, use it to your advantage!

You may need to gather additional information and contacts for our in-market accounts. Consider the profiles that best identify with your ICPs. According to Gartner 5 to 13 people are involved in the Buyer Journey. Make sure you are getting as many contacts as possible. Here, adopting a tool like LinkedIn Sales Navigator can help you source additional insights and pull contacts.
You are now ready to launch a high-touch marketing campaign on your top 100 accounts. 

2. Conduct Audience Building

After you’ve created your in-market contact list, it’s time to develop audiences! You can do this manually or using your CRM. 

Segment your audiences by attributes such as company, job title or seniority. Since you won’t have social insights from Propensity (yet), we recommend you start building your audiences in LinkedIn Campaign Manager to ensure you’re engaging these accounts on your favorite B2B social platform.

3. Personalize Messaging

Once your audiences are created, begin developing personalized messaging which will lead you to up to 5x engagement. Instead of targeting everyone, however, your warm-up is fine-tuned to your chosen group of in-market accounts that are currently looking for your solution. You can customize messaging based on the intent topics and adjacent topics found in your Top 100 list.
Or, customize messaging according to each buyer's persona, you should be talking to them differently to make sure they react to your outreach. 

4. Launch Omni-channel Campaigns

According to Gartner, it takes five to six times for a buyer to react. Make sure you design and launch a multi-touch campaign, that includes channels such as LinkedIn Advertising, email marketing, retargeting ads, SDR outreach, outbound calls and webinars.

Ensure your ads center on your in-market accounts’ sought-after products and services so they’re well aware of what you have to offer. You can use the audiences you created to personalize messaging and launch LinkedIn Ads campaigns. You can also try Facebook’s new B2B audience building and upload the lists of companies there too. 
Consider adding high ROI platforms like email marketing to those audiences and long-term strategies like content creation including blog writing and videos to further your reach. Implement a “Make Me Smarter” approach. This means every time I read one of your emails it has to connect with my problem, and I come out with something I didn’t know.

5. Time to Pass Warmed Up Accounts to Sales

Once you’ve designed, implemented and run these campaigns, you can pass the warmed-up accounts off to sales to conduct outreach. 

On Your Way to Provable ROI 

Once you’ve completed these steps, you can start evaluating if your strategy is working and use metrics that can help measure the value of our lists. You can check in on factors like sales cycle reduction or if your engagement has started to improve. 

If you have been able to prove ROI, you may be ready to see how Propensity can help you moving forward. 

What Else Can Propensity Offer?

Now that you know how to use your free in-market account list, what else can you do?

When you upgrade Propensity to the paid version, you get perks such as:

  • See which of your in-market accounts are already in your CRM
  • Automatically add new in-market accounts to your CRM
  • Customize intent signals at an account level from different intent providers like Bombora
  • Add unique signals like job changes, including new company contact info, promotions and title changes
  • Enrich contacts for all your top in-market accounts in one click
  • Receive automated alerts alerts based on each campaign’s performance
  • Identify which accounts have seen your ads and if those accounts engaged with your ads

Moving Forward…

We are determined to build your trust, which is why we offer your top 100 in-markets accounts list for free each week for the first 60 days. It’s also why we’re dedicated to providing content like this to help you develop an ABM Strategy that works for you.

If you haven’t completed our free assessment yet, take five minutes and get started. We’re ready to help marketers realize their full growth potential.