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Going Omnichannel to Maximize ABM Mindshare

B2B Digital marketing is competitive and the goal remains to capitalize on exposure so that your brand is top of mind when your ideal clients are in decision-making mode. But how do you know when your prospect is ready to decide, and how can you be sure your brand is as visible as possible in that short but meaningful window of opportunity? 

ABM is a powerful marketing strategy that puts you in front of decision-makers at critical moments in the buyer's journey. The approach involves creating a target audience based on your ideal customer profile (ICP), monitoring for signs that a prospect is in a decision-making cycle, and then nudging them toward your product or service via timely, well-placed marketing in the form of digital outreach.

However, to get the most out of this marketing strategy and increase your mindshare, you'll need to embrace an omnichannel approach. So, let's explore an omnichannel approach to ABM and find out why it's a powerful way to ensure long-term ABM success.

Mindshare: Increasing Your Visibility

When you go omnichannel, you aren't just showing up where your target audience typically is; you're becoming more visible across various platforms. That increased visibility helps keep your brand top of mind when decision-making is imminent. 

As you become more visible to key decision-makers across platforms, they begin to foster trust in your brand and, over time, become more likely to interact with it - via click-throughs, likes, shares, comments, downloads, sign-ups, and more. Therefore, increasing your visibility via omnichannel outreach is the first step in moving leads from cold to warm to hot so that they are primed for sales outreach.

Diversify Your Channels

It’s essential to have a diversity of channels in order to capture mindshare, or the share of consumer attention and awareness around your brand. ABM works best when you can position yourself as the product or service of note within your industry. And to be top of mind requires a high level of visibility (or mindshare). That means you need to be everywhere your ideal audience is - which means you can just do a run of ad buys on LinkedIn or Facebook and call it a day. You need to be everywhere. By going omnichannel, you increase your mindshare and, over time, your visibility.

While by now it’s clear how crucial it is to diversify your channels, specific platforms remain essential to the success of an ABM campaign. Three of the most critical, from an ad-buy standpoint, include:

Programmatic Ads. Programmatic ads are the secret weapon behind any robust advertising campaign. Via automation, programmatic displays ensure your personalized ads follow your target accounts across various websites. It's like having an accomplice on the inside, strategically placing your ads for you as your ideal clients hop around the internet. The power of programmatic ads is that they increase visibility even when your audience is technically not actively engaged on any specific platform.

LinkedIn. LinkedIn remains the most trusted platform for industry professionals and decision-makers who want to network and engage. Incorporating LinkedIn into your ABM strategy allows you to target the right individuals directly, building relationships and sharing tailored content that speaks to their professional interests. With LinkedIn's business-focused targeting options and professional atmosphere, it's a goldmine for reaching key stakeholders and decision-makers.

Facebook. While LinkedIn focuses on the professional side, Facebook remains the perfect place for a more casual and personal connection. By utilizing Facebook in your ABM approach, you can reach a broader audience within your target accounts while presenting your brand in a more relaxed setting. Facebook's extensive user base and diverse targeting capabilities make it an ideal platform for expanding your reach and fostering engagement with your audience.

By diversifying your channels across popular platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, and programmatic ads, you are capturing and maintaining an ever-larger percentage of mndshare. That doesn’t just increase your visibility - it creates a virtuous circle of knock-on benefits, including:

  • Building brand awareness and trust
  • Positioning your brand on par with or above the competition 
  • Constantly reminding potential customers about your product or service
  • Placing your brand top of mind with key stakeholders during critical decision-making cycles

But Don't Forget About Other Channels, Too

While the trinity of LinkedIn, Facebook, and programmatic ads is powerful, don't overlook other valuable channels. These may become more useful as your audience begins to engage with your brand, and they provide other touchpoints that reinforce the power of omnichannel outreach.

Email Marketing. While email outreach isn't new to your marketing arsenal, it remains a powerful tool and offers a direct line to decision-makers. Email marketing also enables you to engage more actively by crafting personalized and targeted content that directly addresses specific pain points and aspirations.

Direct Mail. A well-crafted physical mail piece can stand out in a world dominated by digital communication. Direct mail adds a tangible and personal touch to your ABM strategy, making your brand memorable.


When it comes to ABM campaigns, being everywhere is powerful. The visibility puts you on the radar with your target market, and the ubiquity of your brand will help keep you top-of-mind during crucial periods of decision-making. Therefore, going omnichannel and appearing everywhere your prospective clients are remains the secret to success.

Never rely on one platform! Instead, diversify your channels. Buy ads on multiple platforms (LinkedIn, Facebook, programmatic) and continue reinforcing your presence with direct and email marketing. Above all, let content reign supreme, and use it to guide your audience through various value-added and problem-solving insights.

As you plan your first ABM campaign or gear up for your next cohort, consider folding in an omnichannel approach. Use the variety of channels available to you as your secret weapon for ultimate marketing visibility. The result? A well-timed marketing strategy that speaks directly to your desired audience - and establishes your brand as a market leader of note.