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How Olami Overcame Siloed Data Case Study: How Olami Overcame Siloed Data With Complete Salesforce Integration

Data exists in everything we do. We use it to judge what to buy, uncover new spots to go, and figure out ways we can attract customers to our business. Olami, an international Jewish organization, knows the need for data well. Several years ago, the nonprofit, which seeks to better the world through community building, was searching for novel ways to service its hundreds of regional organizations. The organizations were searching to centralize their data in a convenient location, in order to make it easier to find and input new opportunities as they would arise. 

Consequently, Olami partnered with Addapptation to undertake this herculean effort to unite its immense data sets across both users and countries. The organization had finally discovered a clear path to illuminate insights and awareness into diverse regional activities. 

Where it All Began… Extending Benefits With Salesforce

Olami’s search for integrating data in its core CRM, Salesforce, started before native central capabilities existed on the platform. This meant hundreds of users were recording data on spreadsheets (and even napkins) to ensure information was properly documented. 

At the time, data collection systems were disparate. Lacking the ability to track metrics and generate reports in a singular location, regions in Olami Latin America, North America, and France were left fragmented and siloed.

So, the organizations had to adapt. 

Throughout the partnership, the team decided to power the company’s core CRM, Salesforce, to extend benefits to each organization’s region. As a result, the organizations did not need to implement additional trainings or record expenses because everything was cohesive — happening right inside of one convenient, supercharged engine. 

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“Addapptation created a unified platform that allowed all the regions to collect data in an effective way.” - Meir Kaniel, Director of Digital Platforms Operations

Leveraging Data to Build Community

The budding partnership enabled Olami’s organizations to progress towards their goal of building community across diverse global regions. Now, the organizations had a solution to its siloed data challenges with a novel, scalable approach simply leveraging Salesforce as a backend. This ushered in an era of newfound flexibility and clarity grounded in customized data collection that supports each region’s unique needs. 

The Partnership Demonstrates Value for All Stakeholders

Whether it be users, donors, or anyone engaging with the platform, our partnership drove home the value of complete data integration in a one-stop-shop. 

Most regions’ users have now transitioned from working with basic tools and spreadsheets to data collection integrations in order to record findings, share results, and continue the mission. Seamless data integration afforded team members with a liberating ability to do their job and swiftly access the data’s value and apply it.

Data Organization Eases Student Prioritization 

Across the board, community members can easily track and prioritize target students. This process is automated based on engagement rules, with diverse regional organizations establishing certain criteria for target students, including age ranges and a minimum requirement of captured data. 

By automating qualification status with us, organizations can instantly move students into target lists upon reaching key milestones. Implementing organization-level reporting has helped members further understand organizational engagement with individual students as well. By automating key metrics including interaction dates, activity summaries, and milestones, data is complete and organized freeing up members’ ability to reach out and engage at the right time. 

Donors Understand Their Impact

Not only is Olami better equipped to understand how the organizations are performing, but now donors can see their funding impact firsthand, down to how each organization’s performance compares to another. Distilled by simplified data integration through Salesforce, the data is easy-to-access when donors need it — even at a moment’s notice. 

Data integration has opened up a world of possibilities for Olami’s regional networks. Reporting interfaces can be accessed instantly, meaning everyone gets visibility, taking the process to a whole new level.  

An Impact Felt Around the World

Global organizations rely on unity to work. With three unique regions operating across North America, Latin America, and France — and hundreds of organizations — comprehensive data that’s available to everyone is needed to form cohesion and move the organizations forward. 

The partnership addressed that pain point and led to some amazing results that could be felt across the globe. Today, Olami’s organizations are seeing a growth of over 2,000 new students per month, and nearly 200,000 students joined the mission over the past decade. Moreover,  153,000 attendee activities have been logged as well as 3.5 million documented attendances. Without data integration, this massive amount of information may not have been collected. 

The impact couldn’t be more clear. 

In Conclusion

Thanks to a fully integrated CRM, Olami’s associated organizations can now go back to the data and demonstrate results with ease, provide an uncomplicated user experience and underscore purposeful reporting in the process. 

Most importantly, Olami’s networks finally have a convenient location to quickly pull, customize, and transform information into something measurable, achieving scalability that had not been attainable before the personalized platform.