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Visibility is critical, even in niche markets. The team at RIVET, a SaaS-based construction software tech company, needed to expand its approach to reaching the right clients beyond cold grassroots outreach. As RIVET scaled the building blocks of its marketing approach, the team knew ABM could help them take it to the next level — they just didn’t know how transformative Propensity could be to landing more quality leads that convert. 

The Customer: RIVET

RIVET has designed a modern workforce management platform for specialty construction contractors. As a labor operations SaaS, the company centralizes how contractors manage, plan, schedule and deploy their workforce. The company has prioritized a sustainable targeted approach for marketing and sales, while growing rapidly. RIVET was founded in Detroit in 2020.

The Challenge: Building a Sustainable Marketing-led Pipeline

Before Propensity, RIVET leveraged partnerships and used cold outreach campaigns while developing the building blocks for mature, targeted demand generation. While the team developed its digital engine and content strategy, the company leveraged key industry events, associations and trade media prior to shifting to ABM campaigns. RIVET also worked behind the scenes on its approach to thought leadership. Specifically, by spinning up an education program for customers that supports its growth areas in workforce management.

Leveraging cold outreach by territory while building a digital marketing funnel behind the scenes was always a short-term plan for RIVET. But these efforts proved to be the right mix for the company's current stage even though they weren't sustainable for long-term growth. The team’s ultimate goal was developing significantly warmer leads. That meant searching for a platform that would enable targeted campaigns coupled with high-value content marketing.

Using Propensity to Connect to the Right People and Build Brand Recognition

“It’s not about the exact person; it’s about who’s there. We needed a way to capture who makes a decision and who can be a champion for us in meetings. From a digital advertising perspective, the programmatic display was beyond what we could do on our own – we needed a solution that would hyper-target our audience.”

Without Propensity, building brand engagement and thought leadership would take months in traditional advertising – and cost thousands – only to gain access to an audience that didn't fit RIVET’s ideal customer profile. Like any other B2B company, RIVET could’ve spun up dozens of ad campaigns. It’s just that those efforts wouldn’t guarantee it was reaching the right audience. 

Since leveraging Propensity, RIVET has witnessed a significant jump in brand recognition and greatly refined the automation of top-funnel processes. When sales teams reach out to warmed leads, prospects already know the company, recognize the brand and understand what RIVET can do for them. This way, sales already has a foot in the door; they can get right into the details and start building a relationship from the first call.

With Propensity’s ABM engine, the RIVET team knows they’re getting through to the right people – not random software developers with zero market intent who happen to fit LinkedIn’s algorithm.

RIVET's content marketing engine is critical to company success, too. The team uses high-quality educational content and retargeting to drill lower into the marketing funnel with its campaigns. It also uses Propensity's playbooks to influence content strategy, which have been incredibly helpful at this stage of the business.

RIVET’s Approach: Integrating Propensity with HubSpot

“I’m really excited that we have an integration (in HubSpot) built out for us now. I’m not weighed down with just doing Excel sheets.”

By leveraging Propensity’s integration with HubSpot the sales teams can stay within the HubSpot interface, which removes friction from the outreach and sequencing process. Everything lives within RIVET’s HubSpot CRM (like reporting, meetings, opportunities and warmth history) to help sales efforts stay centralized and seamless. 

RIVET currently has set its sales sequencing to kick off once a company becomes a Marketing Qualified lead. The team has tailored Propensity playbooks to what works for them and uses Propensity scoring to identify leads before handing them off to sales.

From there the sales team receives alerts on hot leads and has visibility into how leads score and why. This gives them insights into how to approach a prospect and makes picking up the phone that much easier.

The Results: How RIVET Measures Success

“Already, concretely, I can say there’s been an extreme change between garnering demos and going after accounts. We’re visible within the industry now, which is huge.” 

RIVET had an excellent track record when it came to closing sales, even before using Propensity. Going from cold call to product demo to a closed sale used to be a heavier lift, though. Within two months of implementing ABM and Propensity, however, landing demos has become markedly easier.

Traditional B2B activities like events, direct mail and joining industry associations will continue to be essential to RIVET’s ongoing marketing strategy as brand recognition grows. The team is excited to explore the correlation between ABM, content marketing and trade shows so that they can correlate how ABM helps brand recognition, both in the physical and digital aspects of their marketing approach. 

Thanks to Propensity, it's taken RIVET less than six months to build brand visibility, thought leadership and help sales understand the power of warm leads. Gaining client brand recognition before the sales team even picks up the phone has made all the difference in landing demo requests. Paired with a high post-demo conversion rate, RIVET is well on its way to witnessing explosive growth.

One More Thing…

RIVET’s success illustrates how ABM can augment traditional marketing strategies. While attending trade shows and conferences are integral to establishing a B2B marketing strategy at early stages, it isn't sustainable for growth. With budget-friendly pricing, Propensity has proven invaluable for small and growing B2B teams, helping them make the leap to ABM faster. 

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