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3 Quick Tips to Improve Your Outbound Conversion Rates

Effective sales strategies are critical to BDRs and account executives everywhere. When you ramp up your conversion rates, you set yourself apart from competitors and foster trust from your customers. But how do you start this process? 

Integrating your outbound sales strategy within a data propensity model can help. We help identify and enrich in-market accounts using intent signals that matter to your campaign, notifying you which companies have the highest propensity to buy. 

By incorporating aggregated data into each step of your outbound process to build empathy and understanding, your conversion metrics will increase dramatically. Want in on the secret? Here are three tips to elevate your outbound strategy and improve your conversion rates.

1. Reach out to accounts ready to buy

If you want to make sure you’re positioned to make an impact, ensure the accounts you’re contacting are in-market! Our Contact Propensity Model helps to identify which contacts will be most likely to engage. We integrate them directly into your CRM so you can accelerate qualified opportunity creation. 

When you reach accounts that are ready to buy, you’ll see up to 3x engagement from trigger events at the contact level and up to 7x new opportunity creation.

2. Prep Before Outreach

Another helpful tip to improve your conversion rates kicks off before outreach even begins. Outreach becomes much more impactful with research. 

If you’re leading calls, begin your preparation by brainstorming a list of questions for your contacts. During this phase, draft a script outline to ensure you’re reaching your contacts with the appropriate messaging and that no points go missed. 

Preparing prior to outreach also helps you understand the best times to reach your contacts. Data aggregation software comes in handy here, too. You’ll know when your contacts are most likely to engage to ensure you reach out to them when they’re available. 

3. Set Clear Goals & Zero Focus on Metrics

Our final tip hinges on your goals. When it comes to goal creation, make sure each goal is clearly defined like closing rates or demos booked. 

After you set your goals, zero in on important sales metrics, such as email and phone metrics. We outlined a couple of considerations to help get you started.

Improve Open and Reply Rates

Open rates act as your foot in the door. This is why it’s crucial to personalize your messaging and make sure it sticks. Instead of spamming your audience, turn your mail into something readable. 

Intent signals can help here. Using data specifically tailored to your contacts, you’ll spot recent job changes, identify their interests, or notice recently received awards. This can help you add a personal touch to your message. Then, keep it short and sweet with some brief details to seal the deal.

Another critical metric is reply rates. Right now, the average cold email response rate is as little as 1-5%. Backed with data aggregation to help you add a personal touch to your messaging and drive engagement. 

If you’re not receiving any responses, use this opportunity to check in with your strategy. For example, are you segmenting lists properly? The more relevant your content to your lists, the more likely you’ll hear back. 

Guide With the Right Phone Metrics

According to Gong, successful cold calls will last twice as long as unsuccessful ones

Successfully hitting calls per hour, is as important as getting customers on the line and engaging with your call.

Now it’s time to revisit the goals you outlined earlier. Are you booking demos? Submitting proposals? This is a great time to check in and ensures you’re on the right track. 

We hope these tips help you on your way to achieving your desired conversion rates.

At Propensity, we’re committed to helping B2B growth leaders identify which companies are in-market for your product or service so you can focus your sales and marketing efforts on the right accounts at the right time.

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