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How to Create the Best Customer Acquisition Strategy for Professional Services using ABM

Your company has an amazing mix of services for your customers, but attracting new business requires strong relationships with your prospects. However, traditional marketing just doesn’t create those relationships. 

So, what can create relationships that lead to a strong customer acquisition strategy for professional services? 

The secret is ABM. 

How Can ABM Help My Professional Services Firm?

You may be wondering how ABM can help your professional services team. 

With account-based marketing (ABM), you identify which companies are in-market for your services, so you can reach them with targeted messaging when they need your services.

ABM essentially puts you in control of your own pipeline, allowing you to create a predictable revenue stream for your professional services team with direct outbound prospecting that brings diversity to your top-of-funnel.

The result? Up to 7x sales engagement guided by predictable, repeatable opportunities.

5 Simple Steps to the Best Customer Acquisition Strategy

Professional services marketers need to identify accounts that are actively in-market for your services. ABM can help by putting you in front of them before your competition. 

We distilled it down to a simple 5 step process explicitly built to be your fastest path to revenue growth.  

1. Identify Your Top In-Market Accounts

First, you need to be targeting in-market accounts. Otherwise, you’re reaching contacts who aren’t looking for your services right now — or worse, aren’t even in your target audience. The best-in-market data is integrated into your CRM so you can reach the audience looking for you at any given time. 

2. Actively Marketing to your Target Account List

After you’ve identified your accounts, you need to start getting those accounts to know that you’re the right fit for their professional services needs. Hit the ground running with marketing by launching paid media ad campaigns and mapping engagement at the account level. This way, you’ll fill your pipeline with qualified accounts using carefully sourced intent data. 

3. The Sales Handoff — Outreach at up to 7X Engagement

Now that your marketing team has had a chance to warm those in-market accounts, it’s time to hand them off to sales. Since you’re handing over marketing qualified accounts (MQAs), Sales can draft up personalized messaging that connects directly with buyers’ pain points. 

Now that your in-market accounts will have a much better idea of how your professional services firm can help them, your likelihood of engagement will match, reaching up to 7X. 

4. Measure Results With New Opportunity Creation

Ready to see if you’re on your way to creating a predictable revenue stream? ABM can lead you to victory by cutting less effective strategies, so your professional services firm can achieve results of up to 20% of in-market accounts created as new opportunities.

By re-aligning your sales and marketing teams, you’ve essentially unlocked a faster path to revenue, matching customers to the right solution every time. 

5. Optimize Signals

Professional services are all about offering your knowledge. By the end of the process, you’re better equipped to understand which signals are tied to your bottom line and ready to optimize them. This way, your in-market account list is fine-tuned for better conversion and pipeline velocity.

Propensity is here to boost your acquisition pipeline with ABM.

When you’re in a highly competitive industry like professional services, you need to get in front of your competitors to show them that your service is the best fit. Propensity can help your teams get there using our Always on ABM approach to boost your acquisition strategy. Get your free list of top in-market accounts to get started.